Read on to know how to prepare for your first piano lesson as an adult.
Congratulations! You have taken the plunge and decided to follow your childhood dream by signing up for piano lessons. You might be experiencing some nervousness and it is quite natural. Remind yourself that you have already crossed the most important hurdle by deciding what you want and signing up for the best piano lesson in Singapore.
Here are some tips that will make sure your first lesson goes as easy as a breeze.


Make a Firm Commitment
Know that mastering an equipment as complex as a piano will take rigorous practice and dedication. Make a commitment to follow it through.

Write it Down
Take a piece of paper and write down why you want to learn the piano. If you are an adult and taking piano lessons for the first time chances are that you are not doing it as a career option. Writing down why you want to study the piano will help you be goal oriented and focused.

Have Realistic Expectations
Don’t go to the lesson thinking that you will be playing like a master at the end of your first lesson. It takes time to learn to play any instrument properly. Remember to give yourself that time.

Talk to the Teacher
Before you start your lessons have a detailed talk with your tutor. Know from before what books or other accessories you need, what she/he expects from you, how the classes are structured etc. A little information goes a long a way in dispelling those pangs of nervousness.

Train your Ears
Listen to music a little more attentively. Note the beat or changes in tempo as you sing along with your favourite chartbuster. A good ear is one of your most important assets in any music class.

Strengthen your Fingers
Here is a simple hand exercise you can try. Spread the fingers of both hands on a table and practice lifting them one by one, this will strengthen the muscles of your hand. Remember, strong hands make a sound piano player.

If you have read through you should now be reasonably prepared for your first class. But most importantly, remind yourself that music is the key to happiness. Most people play an instrument to find happiness and serenity, being stressed is only going to take you away from this essential aspect of it. Be calm and confident and be sure to enjoy the journey. Best of luck!