Most career musicians are able to reach that unmatched level of expertise in playing the instruments only because of their interest in learning to play and the hours of practice that they put into it. However, the vast majority of people who want to master a musical instrument, hope to do it as a hobby and not as a career.

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For such people, dedicating extended periods of time to mastering the ukelele is simply impossible. There may be many reasons for people being unable to practice the ukulele for hours every day, like having a lot of responsibilities, lack of time to practice or anything like that. Whatever the reason may be, it is still possible for the people to master the ukelele without hours of practice.

Admittedly, mastering the ukelele is a unique source of joy as claimed by the students taking ukelele classes in Singapore. While it is true that absolute mastery of ukelele takes plenty of practice, reasonable mastery of it does not. It is possible for anyone to master the ukelele with small periods of practice over long spans of time. In this article we shall discuss, how can one master ukelele if they cannot afford hours to practice.

Starting with a familiar tune
When practicing the ukelele for short spans of time, one must not spend too much of time in getting the fingers accustomed to playing. The fastest way to get one’s mind and body into the practicing state is to start with a song that they are familiar with.  While doing this, it is imperative that the people focus on their breathing, as it helps in concentrating better. After playing the familiar song for about five to ten minutes, people can then move on to learning the newer tunes.

Focus on one kind of exercise
Since people are going to practice the ukelele for short periods of time, they should not try to learn many new moves at once. Instead of it, people should focus on mastering the exercises or moves in the instrument one at a time. Focusing on single exercises reduces the chances of committing mistakes and ensures greater learning efficiency. Many newbies to ukelele do this mistake and give up on mastering it, because of the frustration they face in trying to learn a number of exercises within a short span of time. It is imperative that people remember that, smaller progresses each day will add up to bigger progress over time.